Open World Conference 2022

Open Science and Global Dangers

Open World Conference 2022 was an interdisciplinary conference about open science and global dangers where researchers and opinion makers from all over the world met in Copenhagen and discussed the dilemmas of openness in research and research collaboration.

Marking the centenary of physicist Niels Bohr’s Nobel Prize in physics, and the United Nations announcing 2022 as the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development, we celebrated Bohr’s vision of an open world and discussed how we, now and in the future, can use openness as a tool towards a safer world.


The conference addressed topics like the philosophical and ethical challenges presented by recent scientific developments such as gene editing, artificial intelligence, or quantum computing; the nuclear arms race; different forms of open science like science diplomacy, citizen science, and open software, and historical perspectives on openness and secrecy in computer and cyber security, missile defense, and science policy making and risk regulation mechanisms.

We were also joined by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, Rector of the University of Copenhagen, Dr. Henrik C. Wegener, and Director of the Danish Foreign Policy Society, Charlotte Flindt Pedersen, who offered their perspectives on openness in research and research collaboration.

The Crown Prince greeting attendees at OW22.
His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark attended the Open World Conference 2022 and got a chance to discuss the themes of the conference with a few of the attendees and keynote speakers.

The venue

Open World Conference 2022 took place in the Queen's Hall in the building the Black Diamond, home to the Royal Danish Library. The Black Diamond stands on the Copenhagen's waterfront with a beautiful view over the harbour. 

The Black Diamond
The venue for Open World Conference 2022 is the Black Diamond, the Royal Danish Library.

The Queen's Hall is one of Denmark's most elegant conference and concert halls. In the Queen's Hall the acoustics are unbeatable, the hall is equipped with comfortable cinema seats, and because of the sloping floor everyone can easily see the stage. Besides the hall we had access to the beautiful atrium, where the meals were served. 

The Queen's Hall
The Queen's Hall, conference hall in the Black Diamond.

Photos and video from OW22

The Crown Prince of Denmark being greeted by Rector of the University of Copenhagen, Henrik C. Wegener, member of the OW22 organising committee and Dean at the Faculty of Humanities, Kirsten Busch Nielsen, and Head of the organising committee, Professor John Renner Hansen.

The Crown Prince opening the conference with a speech on why collaboration is key.

Senior fellow Tong Zhao giving his keynote on the nuclear arms race.

Every speaker at OW22 reveived a gift, a mobile of Niels Bohr's atom model made by artist Mette Høst. Pictured is member of the organising committee Professor Mogens Høgh Jensen giving the Crown Prince his gift.
Rector at the University of Copenhagen Henrik C. Wegener speaking on openness in research and research collaboration.

Former Minister of Education and Research in the German Federal Government, Annette Schavan, speaking on global challenges and what decision makers ask from science.

Director of the Danish Foreign Policy Society, Charlotte Flindt Pedersen, speaking on the challenges to the Open World in a time of increased geopolitical competition.

Senior Researcher Moritz Kütt and Junior Professor Astrid Kause during their keynote on what remains to be done to achieve open, global science.

Member of the organising committee, Professor Ole Wæver, speaking on Bohr’s theory of secrecy and insecurity applied to new challenges.

Professor David Kaiser speaking on the changing notions of openness and secrecy in the history of science.

Member of the organising committee and Director of the Niels Bohr Archives Christian Joas giving a dinner speech on the first conference day.

Senior Staff Research Scientist & Head of Long-term Strategy and Governance at DeepMind, Allan Dafoe, speaking on global governance of artificial intelligence.

Director of the Dual-Use and Arms Trade Control Programme at SIPRI, Mark Bromley, with member of the organising committee, Professor Anja C. Andersen.